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Booking Terms and Policy

Whether you book a local session in Tucson, AZ or book with me while I am traveling, this is what you can expect!

Before booking, PLEASE READ THIS!

Booking A Session = Signed Contract

First things first, before you book your shoot make sure you have some sort of idea of what you would like to pursue as far as theme. Since my transition from No Regrets Photography in 2020, I no longer shoot boudoir, pin-up, or gore. So please be advised, I will not shoot these themes unless agreed upon prior.


Concepts I am now offering are Fantasy, Futuristic, Cosplay, and Space themes. I have the right to refuse any concept that is too far out of alignment with me or my brand. I trust that before you book you know this and respect and trust my creative expression.

Before Your Session

Once you have booked a date and paid deposit (BOOK HERE), I will reach out to discuss and plan theme and styling.

For a list of themes and mood boards to give you some ideas, click here.

Sending me references and ideas for styling ahead of time is important so me and my team can be prepared to give you the look you want.

Hair and makeup is done as per client/artist collaboration, which is why I want to know your ideas as well! If for any reason client is unhappy with hair and makeup they must express this prior to being photographed so that the makeup artist or hair stylist can perform corrections.

Please let me know ahead of time if you will be accompanied by a chaperone. Due to space limitations, only ONE chaperone may stay during makeup and styling, but may be asked to leave during your actual session.  For some events, your chaperone of the opposite sex may not be able to stay for the sake of privacy of our other clients.

You will get a email reminder for the final payment of your package, please pay this prior to arriving to your session.

*excluding those with a payment plan agreed upon ahead of time. Please contact me for more info on a payment plan before booking.

Day Of Your Session

When getting ready to arrive to your session please make sure of the following:

-Make sure finger and toe nails are painted and clean.

-Make sure face is clean without any product

-If you have any allergies or sensitivity to makeup or product, we urge you to bring your own products for the makeup artist to use.

-75% of sessions we will be using wigs, however please come with semi clean and DRY hair to make easy for styling if we decide to use natural hair.

-If you have wigs or extensions, please bring them!

-PLEASE bring a variety of solid color undergarments to wear under wardrobe provided. Exp., nude/black underwear, strap/strapless bras, etc.

-Bring at least one pair of shoes, preferably heels or boots in a neutral color or various colors for options to match theme. I will only have limited options for those sizes 6-8

-Wardrobe will be provided, however we can never have too many options, Bring whatever wardrobe and accessories you have that would follow the theme!

If you booked a local session, we will meet at my home studio where we will start styling.


If you book a session while I am traveling we will most likely meet at my hotel or studio for styling. Styling will take about 1 hour depending on how elaborate our look is. Then we will either shoot in studio or on location, set/location will be determined ahead of time to allow for planning. We will shoot for about an 1 hour per look. If you are doing 2 looks, makeup and location/set will stay the same to save on time, which is why both looks must be cohesive.


After Session- Receiving Images

After your session, about 2-3 days after, you will receive a pdf proof sheet with all your BEST shots from your session. These will be *UNEDITED RAW* photos from your session to pick your favorites from. 

*You will have the option to buy extras at any time for $20 each. 

The sooner the selections are sent back to me the sooner I can begin the retouching process.

Final products can be expected no later than 2-3 weeks after you have selected purchased images from proof sheet.

*The raw images on proof sheet are never to be shared, as they are an incomplete and not approved by photographer. You will not receive any RAW, or unedited photos what so ever, other than in the form of a proof sheet which is for my personal viewing and photo selections ONLY.

Average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks depending on the size of set, amount of post editing(please remember most of my creative process is in post), and schedule with day job and traveling. I will try to communicate as much as possible on when to expect final product. Please be clear and communicate if you need final images by a specific date AHEAD OF TIME. Due to...LIFE...I can not promise a turnaround date unless agreed upon before booking!

As far as post editing, I will edit and clean all visible skin and then follow theme we chose to create a final conceptual image. All images will be edited with the photographers professional artistic vision, and, by choosing me as your photographer, you choose the style of my work and trust my judgment through the creative process.  If you want anything specific edited, don't hesitate to ask, but please do so before I start editing!

If there are special RE-editing requests beyond what is given in the final product, I will be happy to fulfill any special requests for additional retouching at a rate of $20 per image. Photographer reserves the right to refuse additional services to anyone.

No one other than photographer has permission to edit photos.

Final images will be delivered in digital format,via Dropbox or Google Drive.

You will also receive a gallery link where you are able to purchase high quality prints.

You will receive a Print copy(high res) and a web(edited/cropped with logo for social media) of each photo.

Once received, final images are not to be cropped, edited or altered in any way. This includes, but not limited to, instagram filters, phone app alterations, photoshop, and other forms of alteration. If a change in editing is desired, please contact me!

When hiring me for Portraits, you obtain the right to use these photographs as set forth for personal use and/or professional portfolio ONLY. When booking you agree that anywhere the images are being use (web, print, publications, and advertisement), photographer, Rosie Johnson or Planet Exophilia will be credited.

Unless you hired me for a commercial photo shoot (contact me for rates) you do not have the right to create physical products or sell these images and I remain the legal copyright holder. Contact me to transfer copyrights or offer shared usage rights for a fee should you wish to commercialize our session! Please discuss your desired usage for your session prior to booking so we can be on the same page.

As you may or may not know, I am working on a book. And by booking with me you acknowledge as I own the exclusive right to use, re-use, sell, publish, and re-publish these photographs of you, they may be included in all media now or in the future known for illustration, art, promotion, advertisement, trade, or any other purpose what so ever. If you do not wish for your photos to be used and want to stay private, please discuss this with me prior to our session.

If you wish to submit these photo to a magazine or publication, this is always ok by me! Please make sure to let me know ahead of time when and where you submit to. Only high resolution images should be sent to a publication for use. Low resolution web files should not be printed in publications. 



Payment/Cancelation Policy

All payments made for session fees, deposits, services and product are non-refundable.

Sessions may be upgraded but never downgraded. 

Deposits are due when booking to secure your appointment date and time. No appointment is guaranteed until Deposits are made in full. Photographer schedules her calendar around paid clients, unless deposit is made she does not guarantee any secured date and time. Deposits to hold your place on a waiting list for an upcoming tour are accepted. 


Session deposits can be transferred to a new date within 1 year of the original session date for no extra fee. Rescheduling must be arranged at least 48-72 hours prior to the sessions booked date. Reschedules are only permitted once before losing deposit or payments made. 


If you cancel or if your request to reschedule the session is made with less than 48 hours’ notice before your session, your deposit will be forfeited, and an extra $50 will be added to your session should you request to book again.

No call, no shows are automatically banned from booking again. No exceptions. 

If you are traveling for your session, we recommends booking your session and securing it with payment before booking your airfare and hotel. Photographer is not responsible for any fees associated with airline or hotel schedule changes. 

Payment plans are available for those wanting to make smaller payments. A payment plan can consist of 3-4 weekly or monthly payments but will required a  deposit at booking, payment to cover hair and makeup and studio/wardrobe fees on day of session, then remaining balance sometimes after session depending on what we agree on. I will create a special payment plan for you and will send you a link where you will enter all your payment info and confirm the details of your session. The payment will then be taken out on the agreed upon schedule - which will be fully automated. Payment plan clients must be paid in full before any photos from session are sent. No exceptions. Orders go into editing queue from the date the order is paid in full. 

Only in the rare event that I am unable to make or reschedule an appointment, you will be refunded in full.

Please contact me via email form on booking page with any questions.


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